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Kinai26's stalker club

  1. kinai26
  2. rebekahalana
    This could be fun ! We can spam to our heart's content !
    Oh , Good luck on your exam tomorrow Kinai !
  3. akatsuki_fan
    yeey a kinai stalkerclub!!! so fun^^ yep good luck with the exam
  4. CrisNoWait
    Lol! WOW! this is great, so who's the moderator? I love the idea, makes sure I can get all the action, up to the min. on my fav. fanfic. lala Who is the brain child of this group, I only just got my T-shirt. lol, thanks so much..lala
  5. WolfsRain
    Cool, a stalker's club! I've always wanted to be kinai's stalker, lol. ^^
  6. rebekahalana
    Wish I could tell you Cris but it was just formed and I have no anwsers for you ...
    *gives WolfsRain an official 'Stalker' tee-shirt* The more the merrier !
  7. assen
    The moderator would be me but I'm not gonna do a whole lot of moderating . And I just read in a post of one of you that there was an unofficial club, so I made it an official club But doesn't it say my name under the title of the group? And please keep all praises and spam to a maximum
  8. rebekahalana
    Yep it does , but I didn't know that ment you were the mod *feels silly* . I believe FiresFlame (not sure how to shorten that correctly) started the whole club talk when we told Kinai we were stalking her , having it be 'official' is much more fun ! Thanks !
  9. Drunken brawler
    Drunken brawler
    yay! This is gonna be fun
  10. kinai26
    Hi all my sweeties
    I just opened a new thread... called ´Pain of losing loved once` and it´s going to be a short Naru x Sasu story
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