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Which one do you prefer: the original OVAs or the extended ones?^^

  1. SECU
    I myself prefer the original one Why? Because I think it stands out too much that the series has been edited later on; Kusaka's and Akizuki's face looks different in the river bend scene, but that's just my humble opinion
  2. shinentai
    I didn't know there are original and edited OVA versions! I have to see theeeeeem!
  3. SECU
    Shinentai ; I have a solution to your problem

    Here's a link to Special Revised Edition:


    To say it more simple way, they are the extended ones, few scenes added later on here and there (mainly to H-scenes)^^ The Original ones aren't here on Aarin anymore, I see

    But they're found from Youtube, that's the place I saw them the first time few years ago^^

    I'll give link to the original ones too: Fuyu no Semi OVA 1 [pt 1/4] - YouTube

    Altogether there's 3 OVAs, each of them having 4 parts^^ You should find the rest yourself, if not, let me know and I'll link them :3

    Last but not least: welcome to our group Good to have you here, dear Warrior

    Feel free to comment on my other discussions too after watching the OVAs
  4. WarriorOmen
    I preffer the extended one, simply because there's one scene from it that I completely adore.it's just FAR to cute to resist. Hehe.
  5. SECU
    WarriorOmen Good to have you here to discuss with us Now you can share your fangirlism with us And you're free to add more pictures if you want^^ I just took what I already had, being too lazy to search for more. BUT May I kow what that scene is?^^ I'd definitely love that extended version more than the original one if Akizuki-san and Kusaka looked the same as they do in the original but the chances in their faces are too big so I can't find myself enjoying it as much as I would enjoy if I didn't recognize any difference Even their eyes look different
  6. BLObsessed
    I prefer the extended versions, I too love the extra scenes.
  7. rotatingmad
    In actuality, the original version expresses geometry dash lite feelings more fully. Furthermore, it does a good job of capturing the tone and plot. Generally, I like the original versions more. Although the covers are imaginative, each hue offers a unique rendition.
  8. maruusa0106
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  9. favem99617
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