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  1. maledei
    yay, another member! Welcome
  2. Lent
    Okay, these are the movies I have in my collection, not sure whether I'm forgetting some:

    East Palace West Palace
    Happy Together
    Eternal Summer
    Formula 17
    Night Corridor
    Lan Yu
    Farewell my Concubine
    Big Bang Love Juvenile A
    Like Grains of Sand
    Rebels of the Neon God
    Rice Rhapsody
    When Beckham met Owen
    Oboreru Sakana
    The King and the Clown

    Lesbian themed ones:
    301 302
    Blue Gate Crossing
    20 30 40
  3. maledei
    that sums it up pretty much...
    What I think is missing on your list is "Like A Virgin", the hilarious and moving story of a korean pro-wrestler who want's to get a sex change...

    Never heard of Rebels Of The Neon God, what's that? and Obereru Sakana is new to me to.
  4. Lent
    You can get more info on the director of Rebels of the Neon God here Taiwan Review - A Great Divide

    Summary of the movie here

    I haven't watched the movie yet but sources list him as a gay movie since the main character in the movie, the boy Hsiao-kang, is supposedly gay. The tawainese director has also directed other movies with some gay content, 'The River' for instance, but I haven't seen that one yet as well. Those are on my list though.

    Oboreru Sakana is only available in japanese, no subs unfortunately. The movie isn't gay themed in itself, it's about two lowly police men who chase someone called Oboreru Sakana who blackmails a big japanese company.
    One of the police men is gay and an occasional cross dresser though and that young cop falls in love with the owner of a gay bar, it's more of a side story though. It's a pretty funny movie, rather a satire at times, more info here
    Oboreru Sakana (Tsutsumi Yukihiko 2000) :: Japanese Movies at SaruDama

    I have both of those movies so if you can't get them anywhere else, give me a nudge.^^
  5. YUU
    is it just me? i've cried watching Boys Love DVD version...
  6. maledei
    hm, did you find a subtitled version, YUU? because i couldn't watch it yet and understand what's happening, though I can guess... to much drama for me.

    lent: thanks for the descriptions. But same problem as above, unfortunatly the language is a huge barrier for me, so i prefer subtitled versions...
  7. maledei
    just posted info on a new BL drama here: http://aarinfantasy.com/forum/f141/t...u-koi_new.html
  8. YUU
    @maledei: no... i couldn't find it but i understand what they were saying.. hmm.. it's really sad to know the fact that they don't sell it in my country. It's BANNED! so i watched it on YouTube.. but since I've gotten into college... the network bans YouTube.. damn it! (gomene for my language..ehehe)
  9. YUU
    i don't get the ending of Eternal Summer! Formula 17 is just so cute!!!
  10. YUU
    i wonder whether will the cinema ver of Boys Love be released in DVDs???
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