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Long Nails (Manga / Anime)

  1. HatedLove6
    Don't you just love the spine-chilling effect they have when they trace your face or neck? Just reading or looking at it makes my spine tingle.

    Here's the template for this category so you can just copy and paste. If you have any questions on what any of them mean, please look into the rules.
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    • Manga/Anime:
    • Rating:
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    • Fetishes:
    • Summary:
    Please remember to list all of the titles the manga or anime is known for, except for titles that are solely in Kanji or katakana.
  2. HatedLove6
    •Title: Ai to Yokubou wa Gakuen de; Love and Desire are at School; Love and Passion are at School
    •Manga/Anime: Manga only.
    •Rating: Adults.
    •Complete: Ongoing
    •Fetishes: Aprons, BDSM/SM, Glasses, Long Hair, Long Nails, Piercings, Presidents, Senpai X Kohai, Shota, Teacher X Student, Threesome
    •Summary: People have a high interest in sex, so there is the only all boys school interested in teaching their students certain 'skills' to earn money using sex. There are multiple pairings and lots of characters that you can squeal over, along with lots of, you guessed it, sex, especially between two yummy males.
  3. HatedLove6
    Title: Mede Shireru Yoru no Junjou ; An Evening Filled with Intoxicating Pure Love by Artist-Itsuki Kaname Author-Suzuki Ami
    Manga/Anime: MANGA
    Rating: ADULT
    Complete: Ongoing as of right now Vol 1-2 is complete waiting for vol 3
    Fetishes: Long Hair, Long nails
    Summary: In Yoshiwara (present-day Tokyo during the Edo Period), laws against prostitution were abolished and brothels were restored in the red light district. We meet Kichou and his "princess" who are the top courtesans of the Men's Brothel Quarters at Hanafurirou.....In this dangerous line of work the two top brothel fell in love and with that it brings choas and secrets to the suface.
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