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New Horror Games in 2015?

  1. Red_Devil
    Yep, I'm not dead but I have been having a life turbulence....
    But enough about that! Let's talk about the new scary games that we're waiting for!
    As far as I can tell, Evil Within is one of the more recent horror game that has been gaining attention along with some sequels of certain games like Five Nights at Freddy's or Dead Space.
    I always love hearing new games of the horror genre but may be missing some juicy info on some I may not have even heard or seen released in my location.
    Tell me all about the hype of new horror titles that have been around recently or coming soon in 2015
    Even include your location if you're aware it has not been released world wide.
    I live in US/United States so I can only play games in English. I'm technically bilingual but my understanding in Korean is not as strong compared to English and I am studying Japanese on my own while using some sites as my resources for practice.
  2. Bunnykisses07
    So far I'm super excited for the release of the new fatal frame game for the Wii U!
    Im from the UK and they already didn't release number 4 to the US or EU so I REALLY hope that since they showed the trailer at E3 we will see an international release :S *fingers crossed*

    Also the five nights at freddys movie has me both excited and worried
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