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The big, the bad, and scary!

  1. Red_Devil
    What's up?
    Sorry for lacking good discussions but please bear with me
    This time, I want to talk about the most terrifying characters or the game itself that has you bring chills down to your back or one that you least expect and rather not see for a long time.
    My personal list of what's scary to me: Broken neck lady (Fatal Frame and Fatal Frame 2) Crawling lady (Fatal Frame 3) Mr. Hoffman (Rule of Rose) The insect with many legs and wings (Resident Evil 5) oh and any zombies with a chainsaw (Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5)
    There were too many close calls for Resident Evil 5
  2. LilithLoveless
    What`s scary to me? Hmmm.......

    The Necromorphs ( Dead Space ), I hate all.
    The Puppet Master (Fatal Frame 2 )
    The School Girl Ghosts ( Calling )
    Armless (Silent Hill 2)

    I played all the games, but I´m still staying alive. No dead by shock!
  3. inujuju

    My friend and I still cry whenever we see her. What with her moans and her coming out of nowhere ways! But lets think, scary characters eh? Lets go with top five that I can think of at the moment~

    1. Broken Neck Lady (Fatal Frame 2) tied with Broken Neck (Fatal Frame 1)
    Seriously they're going to get me one night.
    2. Police Zombie in the Locker (Clock Tower 2: The Struggle Within/Clock Tower: Ghost Head)
    He had no business being in that locker...
    3. Old Lorenzo (Haunting Ground)
    The fact that he watches you 24/7 doesn't help.
    ​4. The Mermaid (Rule of Rose)
    [insert frightening mermaid scream here]
    5. Scissor Man Chase Music (Clock Tower 0)
    You know it was the chase music that made you crap your pants, not the little boy with giant scissors.

    Bonus: The "imps" speaking (Rule of Rose)
    "A bright red crayon just for you."

    I must say though that once I get around to playing Silent Hill this list seems bound to be filled by it...
  4. Riddle
    Seems i'm a bit late for the party, dont mind if i kick around the punch bowl i hope. The character that really makes me yell has to be SCP 173 from containment breach. Guy just comes out of no where, travel threw vents and unstoppable, the sound of your neck breaking haunts my nightmares. Mr floppy face from Amnesia the dark decent still gives me a fright even if i love him and Pyramid head from Silent hill three will never let me forget being locked helpless in the flooded corridor with him. I hate to admitted it, but Gurdy Jr. really makes me freak when you step into a boss room with in in binding of Isaac, the bugger is fast :/
  5. Red_Devil
    You're never late to the party!
    Everybody bring suggestions and don't be afraid to admit the gaming horrors you played that gives you chills
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