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First Horror Game Ever Played?

  1. Red_Devil
    As a gamer and interest of scary games & movies, I have to start off on games first
    The first game I ever played that have been my first creepy experience is Rule of Rose for PS2 (too be honest I couldn't tell it was meant to be a horror game from the cover) when I was only a 6th grader.
    The strange enemies and the behavior of the characters (especially the bosses) were enough to make me tremble but the story was so interesting that I went on despite how scared I was at first. The game was merciless (in my opinion) but I was glad that the creators let the protagonist have a companion pet to help her through since my love of dogs helped calm me down a little. As time pass and I grow older, I became less frightened compared to before and I was able to play any horror games as I please for fun!
    That's the end of my story, if you ever played any game that you have been scared of at first or that is of horror genre
    Please tell us what it's called and your reaction to it
  2. LilithLoveless
    The first horror game I ever played was Resident Evil for the PS1. The zombies themselves, I found less creepy, but the shock moments were set really well. I liked that you could walk into a room several times and always something new happens.

    Then later I played Fatal Frame and Silent Hill. Silent Hill 2 is still one of my favorite games.
    At the moment I'm playing Dead Space.
    I set great expectations in Silent Hill Downpour and I'm looking forward to Lollipop chainsaw.
  3. Red_Devil
    I never played Silent Hill before -shot-
    I've heard of the games you mentioned but I've only tried some horror games on wii, Resident Evil 4&5, Rule of Rose, and all Fatal Frames except #4 (on wii).
    I only have wii and PS2.
    I'm considering playing Resident Evil games and Silent Hill
  4. LilithLoveless
    There is one Silent Hill Game for Wii - Silent Hill Shattered Memories, but is not like the ohter parts. For example, you have no weapons, you have to escape the monsters by running away. Is a really life dangerous game, I often hit myself with the
    connection cable between wiimote and nunchuck.

    For Rule of Rose and Fatal Frame #4, I`ve heard about them, but both weren`t released in Germany.
  5. Red_Devil
    If I'm correct, I think Europe ban Rule of Rose since England didn't have Rule of Rose either
    The game was scary in a mental perspective more than the physical combat method.
  6. Red_Devil
    Fatal Frame 4 hasn't been released outside of Japan yet so all we can do is buy the game online and download a translation patch for it on wii
  7. LilithLoveless
    Amazon sells the UK Version of Rule of Rose, I think. A 3DS Fatal Frame part was announced.
  8. Red_Devil
    really? Fatal Frame for 3DS?
  9. LilithLoveless
    Yeah, I read an article about it. You play the game with the 3DS Camera, so on the display it seems like the ghost appear in your own room.
  10. Malik-sama
    I don't remember what was my 1st horror game I ever played. But I do remember what was the 1st that really scared me. It was ETERNAL DARKNESS for Nintendo gamecube. A friend of mine lend me the game, I was in the university on the evening so I just could play on the night (very late!! lake 12 or 1 am!) and that game really freaking me out!
    Normaly, I dont get scared easily but there is one game that I coulnd play because is really REALLY too scary....: SIREN Blood Curse.
    Maybe one day I will play it.....

    Note to meet you!!! And sorry for my bad english!!!
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