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First Horror Game Ever Played?

  1. PrincessThorn
    I believe my first horror game ever was Silent Hill 2. Game gave me nightmares for weeks since I loved playing it at night ^^;
  2. inujuju
    The first real horror game I played was probably "Haunting Ground" by Capcom. Or at least that's the first one I can remember. I probably played a child's horror game before it... Or do all those lovely little M games where there's blood ad guts everywhere count? Regardless its that game that got me hooked and now I have the Clock Tower, Fatal Frame, and Silent Hill games. Though I have yet to collect them all... I will one day... One day...

    Also does anyone have Spirit Camera for the 3DS (its the Fatal Frame game) besides me? Its a real gem I must say~ My friend and I played with it for hours. Though its annoying that you can't just sit still. Gotta run around and find those bloody ghosts hiding in your closet...
  3. Riddle
    The first Silent Hill was my first horror game Have loved Harry ever since and the whole mythos behind the games.
  4. Red_Devil
    Eternal Darkness was the second game I played on gamecube. The music and atmosphere was very creepy but I haven't got a full experience of it since I was confused with the combat when I was little. If English is not your first language, you do not need to apologize since you have not said nor imply anything offensive
    I definitely agree that SIREN Blood Curse is very creepy! Too much things I would not want to do in the character's situation
    I apologize ahead of time for anyone who joined any of my groups about my inattentiveness. I had a lot of sadness that built up from moving home to home and stuff.
  5. ouiaboo
    When I was around six or seven I was home with both my parents because my Mom and I happened to both be sick on the same day (my Dad worked at nights around this time) and they were both playing Silent Hill 2. I was intrigued and wanted to play with them, seeing as I wasn't scared of the monsters, my parents said that I could, and we all took turns playing. Which I thought was a cool bonding experience, plus it introduced me to the world of horror games and thus horror films. Now I am hooked!

    Also I would love to have Fatal Frame for my 3DS. It sounds like it could be a really fun game and a new way to bring the old game into the modern times, utilizing our new technol0gy!
  6. Bunnykisses07
    My first horror game was fatal frame 2/project zero 2 for the PS2 (I unknowingly started at the deep end I know). Even though I was in a room with 4 other people watching me play the game, it was one of the most horrifying experiences in my life. Honestly we seen the 'Do not play this game alone' warning on the box as a huge joke, so you can imagine how surprised we all were when we got the shit scared out of us with its eerie scenery and chilling story. Instantly hooked I started playing the rest of the games in the series and I have to admit that number 3 was my favourite, however number 2 was definitely the creepiest! Finding all the little notes around the village made the game all the more scarier as you peice together the twisted tale from the past.
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