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  1. Red_Devil
    Hello everyone, I'm Red_Devil or you can call me Mimi if you like
    I'm a huge fan of horror games more than horror movies and such since it's more easy for me to get used to the scary stuff than actually experiencing it (like Knotts Scary Farm or Halloween at Universal Studios?)
    Since you stumbled to this group, will you tell us your first horror experience?
    For those who joined, thank you and I hope my discussions will be interesting to you as much as possible
  2. inujuju
    Ello, ello~

    I'm inujuju and I'm new to posting on Aarin (has been a forum-wall-flower for many years) so I figure I'd join a group (or two) and seeing as how I love horror games this is perfect!

    My first scary experience that I can remember would be when I was four or five years old and I got attacked by my cat going down the hallway at night for a peepee. There's a reason there's a nightlight there now~
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