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  1. mimithenumberon
    these are just some simple guidelines in order for us all to have fun and enjoy ourselves. I don't know if i'm missing anything but this is the list i have,:

    1-no trash talking about other members. Big no no!

    2-nothing that would make another member uncomfortable in any way. If someone has a problem with something please tell and we will try to change that.

    3-please post any discussions you wish discussed. Anyone can add one.

    4-and the most important rule in everything.........have fun! please don't forget that the point of this group if for us to share something we enjoy and love. Fun is always the secret ingrediant to that!

    Anything else i may have missed please feel free to add.
  2. donnamichigan
    hello.. im new here in your group... i never thought southpark can become yaoi.. this is just a dream come true! hahaha
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