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  1. mimithenumberon
    man i'm all over the place! can't believe i was rude enough not to do this first..........
    so yes, please say anything you wish to and let us get to know each other better.

    me, i'm mimi and i'm simply a huge South Park fan. And when i say huge, i mean i'm obsessed! love ever since my cousin tricken me into watching an episode when i was 14. Defenetly not a good idea to let someone as young to watch an 18 show........That's why i love him so much! XD

    anyway since then i began my rapid descent into this obsession. Life is so sweet!
  2. gixxxhe
    Hello. I fell into the same trap, though i was 15 at the time. I see what you mean about young ones whatching the show, but you know that saying, 'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!!' It sure didn't kill me! This is like my favourite show ever and i think this group was a really good idea! Thank you for the hard work! (I alos love your picture display.....they're all so cool!!)
  3. mimithenumberon
    hello there gixxxhe, and welcome. I'm happy you think so and i'm pleased you like the pictures!! That made my day. Yeah.....us south park enthusiasts should stick together!
  4. ouiaboo
    Ah, I should have gone here first, well hello there! I have loved South Park for years, and when I was younger my parents banned it from being watched in the house, which was devastating at the time, but I got around it once I got older. My mom said she didn't want me watching this sort of trash and thought it was crude and insulting. Of course, she also said that about shounen-ai anime, so, either way. But that is enough about that. I think South Park is probably the best cartoon I have ever watched, and love the characters so much.
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