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which pairs do you like best?

  1. mimithenumberon
    i know it sounds typical, but there it is. Who with who?
    personally i love Craig, and anyone with him is fine by me!

    1: Craig x Clyde (i love the way Clyde is such a cry-baby, and i can totally see Craig conforting him........hehehe)
    2: Craig x Tweek
    3: Craig x Kenny
    4: Craig x Stan

    I know i have a Craig adiction but what can you do. I do also love 5: Gregory x The Mole (from the south park movie)
    What about you?
  2. gixxxhe
    my favorite would have to be The Mole x Gregory. Everything about those two speaks enemy but together thy just fit! It amazes me....not to mention they are beyond hot!
    I also love Craig x Tweek. I can't decide witch one of those two i like best....so they're both my favorite pairs!!!
  3. Milcah
    Cartman/Kyle - Perfect enemies/lovers. Also, they have the most slashy moments <3
    Stan/Kyle - Ohhh.. these two are sooo cute!
    Cartman/Kyle/Kenny - OT3!!
    Craig/Tweek - I like it in fanon since there are awesome fanfics about them, but Creek is definitely a crack pairing. XD
    Damien/Pip - All the fics about them are hot! The pairing is pretty plausible since Pip is dead and obviously is in hell with Damien. Hehehe!
  4. KiraTenipuriSlashLove162
    I kind of have my OTP in the show, i just love this pairings, i'll put them in orden, from the one i love the most to the one i just really like... xD

    1. Craig x Tweek - This one is my favorite pair, i just love to see them together and Craig tops of course, it would be to much pressure for Tweek to top Craig, not that he would allow it xD

    2. Ze Mole x Gregory - This pair would be right next to Craig x Treek in my top list, i dont know which of them would top, because they both have strong personalities and in my mind they would both have nice bodies, i strongly believe that ze mole would be a great mercenary and that Gregory would be his partner, either with him in the field or the one to get the jobs xD

    3. Stan x Kyle - They are just cute together, and they are BestFriendForever <3 it really breaks my heart to see the episode 8 from the season 15 where Stan tells Kyle 'i love you...' and Kyle just walks away... (even if the 'i love you' wasn't the romantic type..)

    4. Damien x Pip - almost all the fanfics are really hot, and it is also kind of cute to see them together... x)

    5. Kenny x Butters - at first i didn't like it much, but then i come around and started to really like it

    6. Token x Clyde - Since Token, Clyde, Craig and Tweek are a group, and Craig and Tweek are together, i think it was the right think to put Token and Clyde together xD Clyde is such a cry baby and i think that he needs a strong friend to help him xd
  5. ouiaboo
    Even though they aren't my favorite pair on the show, I have to admit I have read the best fanfictions for them, such as Some Boys are Monsters, oh my gosh is that story amazing, and the pairing I am talking about is Craig and Tweek. Who are pretty darn cute together in my opinion. You have the strong dependable Craig and the crazy but lovable Tweek.

    My favorite pair has to be Kyle and Cartman, there is just something about the hatred between the two of them that make them irresistible to pair together. As my sister always says, if they hate each other they have to be shipped, no exceptions. Also with the fact that when they work together they are actually quite the formidable force. So it makes perfect sense to see them together.

    I also love Pip and Damien, mainly because all the fanfictions I have read about them are super steamy, and that is mainly it.
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