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who do you like best?

  1. mimithenumberon
    well i don't think i have to say it, but yes. Craig! He's so funny when he flips others and denies it with a straight face! If it was up to me the main characters would be Cartman, Stan, Kenny, Kyle and CRAIG!!
    What do the others think? oh, and why?
  2. gixxxhe
    me, i love Tweek i think...... His jittery persona is like the cutest thing. Every time i see him i want to hug him and give him more coffee......i'm bad like that. Craig would be next!
  3. KiraTenipuriSlashLove162
    My favorite character is Tweek <3 He is just so cute, i love all the
    then it would come Craig, then ze Mole... mmm, i love many of the show characters.. xD
  4. ouiaboo
    I love Tweek the most, I think that might be because of people constantly saying that if I was any character out of any show it would be him, the coffee addiction, the jittery, paranoid nature, all down. But hey, at least I don't have gnome problems! Hah.

    Other than him, I love Craig because he is amazing and super cool, and I also love Cartman, because, well he is the funniest thing ever.
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