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Favorite/least favorite JJ groups?

  1. Emelia
    My favorite is definitely Hey!Say!JUMP/NYC, though I like Arashi, Kat-tun and Tegomass too. Just couldn't get into Tokio's music, though, and haven't tried some of the older stuff (aside from Hikaru Genji's Yuuki100%). I'm around HSJ/NYC's members' ages, so I think they're all really cute, and after trying the manga, they won. They're just so funny, I heart them. I prefer their voices most, but they're so cute, I can't help but love their faces too~
  2. jycrocks
    The only two groups that I really listen to are Arashi and Kat-tun, between the two I would have to say that I like Arashi better but Kame from Kat-tun is totally hot!
  3. kawaiisushi101
    My favorite JE groups would have to be Akanishi Jin and Kat-Tun.
    My least favorite are Hey! Say! Jump!, Arashi and News. I do not like these groups. >_<
  4. Midoriko
    Kat-tun !!!!!!
  5. YuMoriChii
    I love Hey! Say! JUMP and Johnny's Juniors the most! I also love the other groups! There's no one I hate in Johnny's!! >w<
  6. SuzuKen
    I have to say Hey! Say! JUMP and NYC are my favs from Johnnys*-*
  7. amagin
    Hey! Say! JUMP and NYC
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