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Black Order

  1. Rimona
    Welcome to everyone who loves this great manga & anime by Hoshino Katsura. ^.^
  2. blue_genjutsu
    I haven't read the manga yet but I love the anime!! Thanks for making this group, Rimona!
  3. Rimona
    I couldn't resist XD And thanks for joining ^.^
  4. Talasca
    I love the anime. ...and Tyki-sama!! *has major nosebleeb and dies* Ohmigod, I looove him, I melt always when he's in the ep... Aah, he's in the nex ep! Can't wait!! *_*
  5. Ptah
    well I second what Talasca said^^
  6. blue_genjutsu
    I love Tyki too! So hot! Great pictures, Rimona!
  7. Xylara
    Count me in! Yay for Kanda!
  8. imarobotica
    rabi is miiine!
  9. hayley_beth24
    I love this manga! the anime is good too so far XD
  10. SunlilyQ
    Woot! One of my fav shounen mangas of all time. I'm deeply devoted to all things Kanda, Allen and Lavi! I also support anything having to do with Cross x Komui Hmm, I'm guessing the pics can't get too wild seeing as how this is a public group, but I have some mighty fine gems in my pic collection ^^
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