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Black Order

  1. kurorinslvr
    Sunli, i put the picture of kanda from chpter 144
  2. onmyouji
    Kanda in 144 = epic >.<
    << needs more Kanda on the screen
  3. kurorinslvr
    i know look up those hips ^-^
  4. Cat-chan
    *stares at kanda-picture*
    *looks down*
    *sees allen*
    *forgots about kandas new gay outfit*
  5. blue_genjutsu
    I need to read the manga!! Love the Kanda pic, kurorinslvr!
  6. Hadas_g
    @Cat-chan- XDD I'm glad you loved them ^__^
    I found more pictures, but I'll add them tomorrow since I need to go to sleep (and I have a test tomorrow).

    XDD OMG!! that's so cool!!!. I understand how you felt! its like when I am going down the strret and suddenly I hear Eminem's music!!! and I'm starting to smile like crazy and become excited..

    And I'm surpised that no one write anything about episode 67..

    I loved this episode soooooooooo much!!!!!!.
    OMG!! Tyki was so shexy...<3333333 I adore him =)
    And Lavi and Krory were cool also =) I loved their new attack!.
    But Tyki is bastard.. he made Lavi so angry and then told him that Allen is alive.. ~evil
    But the most imporatant part!!! now I have a base for Tyki/Lavi ^___^
    I actually saw the RAW before the sub one, and to my surpise I understood everything correctly!. I feel so proud

    But I'm in shock.. the millennium made me laugh!!! which is bad >>
    D.gray-man is destoying my unti-love for evil characters!!!!!.

    I can't believe they have finished the episode like this!!!. I can't wait for the next episode..
    I think that Allen will recover his innocence when he will want to protect Fou.. ~I wonder if I'm right

    Awesome episode ^_____________^
  7. SunlilyQ
    @Kuro: Lovely! I wish he would wear his hair down more. But I guess leaving it down would be dangerous when he's kicking ass. Accidental haircut! I love that his tatt is peeping just a little. ^^

    Hmm, now that I really look at it, it looks like the outfit he was wearing towards the beginning of the manga. Minus the shirt. Which was hotter.

    145 Why Hoshino, why?
  8. Cat-chan
    YEAH OMG EPISODE 67 ... I hate it lol ... XD
    Because I just KNOW what happens next and I'm waiting for EPISODE 68 for WEEKS now! And if they don't show it, I'll go crazy srzly!

    lolol <3 yeah, Tyki's quite the teaser, but I like that scene XD *lol*
    "nomnom you like him? owww. ah yeah btw he's alive, but not too long anymore because I sent that superhard-to-defeat akuma~ to him, lol"
    ahh, but I still love Tyki. *~*
  9. kurorinslvr
    @ Sunli-chan, i feel you pain from chapter 145, i still can believe it.
  10. SunlilyQ
    Come, hold me Kuro. I'll be surprised if I have any nails left by the time next week rolls around.

    I'm still going to look for good Bak fanart. More than ever now.
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