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Black Order

  1. Rimona
    I'm sooo angry right now. I tried downloading DGM on torrents and when I opened the file, there was only green colour. Nine minutes of green colour and nothing else.
  2. SunlilyQ
    Sorry Hadas babe ^^

    Yay for Bak love! I'm determined to find it! I know it's out there.

    Onmy, Bak was like the second of the new cards that I got. I still need Kanda, Ravi, and Cross to complete my D.Gray collection.

    Where did you get your torrents from Rimona? When It comes to manga, I usually just DDL the volume rather than the entire series, cause I had the same thing happen to me. I'll see if I can find you a decent torrent.
  3. Rimona
    SunlilyQ > Got them from http://www.dgraymananime.com/ I tried downloading the files directly from the site, but the same thing happens - - You'd be really nice to do that for me, thankyou!
  4. kurorinslvr
    i know i web page where you can read the latest volume, no download.
  5. Rimona
    kurorinslvr > Oh but I probably forgot to mention I'm talking about anime, not manga *blushes*
  6. Cat-chan
    Oh my...
    I just watched episode 65 and it was so... sooo... x_x;
  7. Hadas_g
    Rimona- go to http://www.baka-updates.com/search.p...man&type=title
    It has all the torrents there and they work fine ^^ (got mine from there)

    Cat-chan- why?......................
  8. Rimona
    Hadas_g > Arigatou ^^ My bandwith limit is gonna suffer, but I have to see DGM no matter what! ~
  9. SunlilyQ
    Eh, just notify me when Cross makes his entrance.

    Still no Bak love! What is wrong with people! Found some gems along the way though. I'll just post those till my mission is complete.
  10. Cat-chan
    Because I already knew it XD
    *read the manga*
    I'm so waiting for one scene, that I can't enjoy Tyki... I like him very much, but it's Allen whom I love.
    So he gets more attention from me than Tyki :P

    And and, NO Bak love?! HE'S SO CUTE!!
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