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Black Order

  1. blue_genjutsu
    Me too!!
  2. Hadas_g
    XDD I saw the RAW ^^ (65)
    It was awesome ^______^
    I love the new ED <333
    ~I can't wait for it to be subbed

    BTW, does anybody read the manga here?...
  3. ItachiRules
    I love all D.Grayman characters, specially Yuu, Allen and Lavi
  4. Rimona
    Last ep I've seen was 62 Because of the damned bandwith limit I have to wait for the rmvb. episodes to come out...
  5. Hadas_g
    Ummm Rimona, why don't use torrents?....
  6. kurorinslvr
    @ hadas_g I read the manga and the latest chapter are good. i can't wait fo those chapter to be animated, especially the latest battle.
  7. Hadas_g
    Cool!! I don't read the manga.. but I have a question about it..

  8. SunlilyQ
    The only answer I can give is yes and no, Hadas. Since you don't want to go into spoilers, I can't really explain why. ^^

    gosh, now I'm biting my lip

    @Kuro: I agree. I don't watch the anime or especially care to, but I wouldn't mind seeing that last couple of chapters animated. Nice stuff in those.

    Still on the lookout for gorgeous quality Bak images.
  9. Hadas_g
    XDDD now I'm confuse.. I guess I'll have to wait and see.. I guess... XD

    XDD sorry about it.. I can understand your feeling though..

    If you find some let me know.. I love Bak ^^
  10. onmyouji
    Bak is love <3
    i hope u'd like the Bak card here in the ishop
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