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Black Order

  1. Hadas_g
    XDDD I also did the same.. *pointing to the vector I did*

    Lavi is hot!! and Tyki is hot ^^ those two together is the hottest thing ever!!!.
  2. kurorinslvr
    even if Lavi and Tyki don't appear together in the anime or manga. They are just so hot. I like Tyki better with Lavi than allen. Also other pairing i kind of like is Komui/Tyki and Cross/Komui.
  3. YUU
    I really like Lavi! He's hot esp in the pic in my album... go check out. ^_^ I can't forget Kanda x Allen... OMG!
  4. akatsuki_fan
    hi I just started watch d gray man ^^ I'ts so awesome x) and I figured out that you can match allen kanda and lavi just how you want and it still makes a great yaoi couple ,in fact all three at the same time is great XD
  5. onmyouji
    me reporting for duty >.<
    < Kanda-mon fan <3
  6. blue_genjutsu
    I agree with you, akatsuki_fan and welcome to the group!

    Hi onmyouji!! Love the pic you submitted!
  7. Hime-sama
    Hi minna-san...hope it's okay with me joining the group ^^;
  8. blue_genjutsu
    Hi Hime-sama!
  9. akatsuki_fan
    thank you^^
  10. Hime-sama
    Hi blue_genjutsu ^^ I wish the anime would come out quick with the next episode XD
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