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Black Order

  1. Marcy Jade
    Marcy Jade
    Hello everyone I recently discovered D-gray man and love it!!!

    I've been watching the anime in japanese with english subtitles. I do not like the english voice actors. Yuu's voice is WAY too deep.
  2. Flamagram666
    omfg! i love that manga!! *A*
  3. Jote
    ^^ i love this manga, irregular release make me so sad. I hope they become weekly again. Hi everybody!
  4. Tisifone75
    Hy everybody I'm italian (so sorry for my english) and I like very much DGrayMan I watched the anime and I love in particulary Kanda, is very strong and beautifull and I like also is carachter. I think Kanda x Allen is a beautifull couple
  5. AyumuKanoneLover
    Hello everyone~! I've been in love with DGM for a looong time time now~! My favorite series and I follow it insanely~!
    oh, so many members joined already! WELCOME TO THE GROUP!!!
  7. mattmurdock333
    OOOHHH! me too! I love tyki! ... but i love allen, ... but i love lavi... but i love kanda... Ugghh, i just love them all!
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