aarinfantasy's YAOI Collection

Black Order

  1. renji14
    I'm here to spam! >D

    A LaviYuu group <33

    aarinfantasy's YAOI Collection - The Rabbit and The Cat

    We'll wait for you~
  2. teito13
    yullen 4 ever!!!!!!!!! *psst* i'm new
  3. akrias
    yullen rocks my socks~ (so much that i'm left barefoot). i also love tykkiXlavi. lol
  4. suicidal_yaoilove
    NONONO..... Its Tyki X Allen for sure!!!
  5. Loveless3173
    >w< I'm new... and this is my first Social group... EVER. lol... ^^;; i wasn't sure how these things worked but.. i figured nothing would be better to join than a D.Gray-Man group!
    and heck yes!! Tyki X Allen forever!! *o*

    Tyki X Allen overload
  6. uniQ
    Nice to meet you.
  7. cally
    it's funny, since the first time i ever watched d.gray-man i've been in love with allen, cuz he's just this adorable character and all, but i liked his voice in particular (took me a while to figure that out though, i was like GAWD what's with this character i can't resist?!) and i check out the seiyuu and..it's a girl.
  8. Nikkori
    I know, right? Allen's seiyuu is amazing. xD
  9. teito13
    i love allen's voice too, but not the dub! the dub makes him sounds like a woman
  10. AzValen
    *hides in corner with Lavi x Allen Love
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