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Black Order

  1. Rimona
    Sorry guys it took me so long to update the group pic >_>
    Hope you like it ~ oh and it wasn't supposed to be this blury, but for some reason it is = =
  2. Hatshepsut
    Ooh it's so pretty!!
  3. YoungGun
    guys. I am a relatively new fan to D-Gray man and I have just managed to finish the anime last week. It was so awesome . I hope there will be a new season of this amazing anime.

    I really like Allen, he is just so cute and yet sexy at the same time. I love Lavi as well, he is really funny and love the Kansai-ben dialect . Lavi x Allen is my favourite pairing of course. Although I am quite open to any possibility of a threesome with Kanda
  4. Hatshepsut
    Yaay I'm glad you finished it YoungGun!!
  5. Rimona
    Threesome with Allen, Lavi and Kanda is teh best XDD
  6. Kyubi_Uchiha
    I'm SO in, oh oh you should take a look at my sig Rimona lol xD
  7. Winterine
    Heyhey YoungGun! Yeah, The Kanda-Lavi-Allen trio is quite hot. I also like Kanda-Lavi-Tyki
  8. Nako
    Hi guys i'm a new member in this group but a follower of D.grayman
  9. Winterine
    Welcome Nako! So who are your favourites? XD
  10. AzValen
    Nice to meet you Nako and welcome!
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