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Black Order

  1. Hatshepsut
    Oh darn. If I had seen that earlier I would've tried to make you a DGM set..... XD Ah well.
  2. Himmelmez
    I was wondering.. why don't we have a pic for this group yet?
  3. suicidal_yaoilove
    @ Hatshepsut : I'll be jumping for joy if you really did make me a set ^^ yes but the graphic section ended. Though the fiction section is still on
  4. Hatshepsut
    @Suicidal: Then I shall make you one! Please tell me what you would want though, 'cause otherwise I'll like... fail. Hard. XD

    Too bad I can't really write fanfiction...!
  5. Winterine
    About the pic for this group....I'd want to see a YuuSagi pic but that's just me, and probably not representative enough of the entire group

    *checks out contest thread*
  6. kurorinslvr
    look what i found this is the best a Yullen romantica intro. ^-^

  7. Hatshepsut
    Oh hai gaiz.

    If anyone here hasn't seen the trailer for the English dub of DGM, go to the DGM manga thread [if you want to know... 'cause really, it's depressing. ].

    I've also posted the voice actors for the dub there......

    >stabs voodoo doll of FUNimation<
  8. AzValen
    I think a nice pic with the three of them in it would be a good one for this group. ^^ (Kanda, Lavi, and Allen)
  9. Hatshepsut
    Seconded! A lovely picture of a threeso-- I mean, of Kanda, Lavi and Allen would be awesome~
  10. Shanagogo
    I actually did a job when I realized I can get these guys on DVD in less than a month! Wooh!
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