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  1. suicidal_yaoilove
    mina. Just join this group ^^ I just finish watching D.Gray man 103 ep in just 3 days! gosh Allen is so HOT especially in his Crown Clown appearance!

    And Ooo I like the uniforms in the show!! they show off the wearer's body perfectly *cough*

    I love Tyki X Allen pairing the most! but i cant find any fan fiction on them in Aarin *cries*
  2. Winterine
    @Hatshepsut: Exactly! Kanda's boots... mmm! XD

    @suicide_yaoilove: the only Tyki pairing I like is TykixKanda But YuuSagi is the best! XD

    *waves to new members*
  3. suicidal_yaoilove
    @winterine: Tyki X kanda? never thought of them before, but hey now that i think of it they will make a great pair too ^^

    @ All: if i were to hold a graphic and fiction contest on D.Gray man. Will you all join??
  4. SecretlyCares
    suicidal: I totally see your point about the uniforms (*drools over Lavi’s 2nd uniform* )

    As far as pairing goes, LaviYuu ftw!
  5. Raykaida
    My favorite pairing has to be AllenxKanda

    But I agree about the uniforms ^^
  6. AzValen
    Depends on the requirements for the contest but sure that might be fun! XD I have tons of ideas for a new Laven story. I also agree that the second uniform was absoltely the best.
  7. Winterine
    @suicidal: I suck at doing graphics on a short deadline, and not much better at writing fiction in that kind of situation, but I'd take a good look and be moral support, if nothing else
  8. Winterine
    For Suicidal and anyone interested, try this Tyki x Kanda fic

    Warning: NC-17. Explicit, in other words. And non-con, after a fashion.

    Kanda's silver-gray eyes strained to remain fixed on the figure leaning over him, at the time his instincts kept screaming at him one word, one word above the chaos engulfing his thoughts and senses: "Captured. Captured. Captured" Tyki Mikk's countenance gained another smudge of clarity, as he grazed soft smiling lips over the Japanese’s forehead and eyebrows.

  9. suicidal_yaoilove
    @ All: Thx for all your supports!! I'm so happy and touch! and thus finally i had the courage to post the contest ^^ I just posted the contest today! hope you all can join if not you can also drop by leave a msg and take a look >_< heres the link > Clicky Click XD <

    @ Winterine: Thx for the recommendation!! O.o Did you wrote that?? *runs off and start reading*

    @ AzValen: I'm glad that you are interested ^^ really hope i get to read your awesome entry!! Yup! red and black matches very perfectly!! *drools over their body -cough- i mean their uniform* XD

    @ Raykaida: I've posted the contest! XD looking forward to your awesome work!!
  10. suicidal_yaoilove
    @ Winterine: OMG just finish reading it! wow that was HOT!! *drools* Did you wrote that?? tyki X Kanda now thats the 1st time i'm reading this pairing! I totally enjoy reading it! Thanks for sharing!
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