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Black Order

  1. Winterine
    @MisakiTsuki: Ooh, do you have a link? I'm feeling a bit too lazy to search right now And even better is there a script and/or translation for it?

    @LaviBunBun: kuku yeah I know what you mean. I like Yuuri's voice better Sakurai is that awesome though
  2. AzValen
    Kanda as Morgif ...... hee hee That's kinda scary! XD
  3. cyanangel
    A bunch of pictures for you all, and a hello Man, I love D. Grayman!
  4. Winterine
    Welcome cyanangel!
  5. cyanangel
    Hi, thank you I was just looking at the thread of conversation, I hope our mangaka gets better. And i'd like to see moving Kanda, Lavi and Allen in new uniform. Yum.
  6. Winterine
    I'm still not sure what I think of the new red and black uniforms... I guess I need to see them clearer. i loved the skin hugging second uniform
  7. cyanangel
    Hmm, true. I'm just reeling over that we're stuck in the middle of a suspenseful battle XD I'm also wondering what Kanda is doing in the background, cos you saw Allen coming out of one fight to another, but no Kanda-kun. :/ (if ur up-to-date wiv manga that is) Hope he's ok.
  8. SecretlyCares
    Winterine, I know what you mean about the second uniform.... yum! xDD
  9. Raykaida
    Hellooooo......I just joined....nice to meet everyone ^^
  10. cyanangel
    Welcome Raykaida
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