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Black Order

  1. AzValen
    I'm so glad there are lots of people joining the order.
  2. kurorinslvr
    sadly we don't have d gray man anime and now we won't have d gray manga until who knows when. Hoshino-sensei put the series on hiatus due to health issues.
  3. AzValen
    That's terrible..... for both Hoshino-sensei and D.Gray Man. I hope she gets better soon. ; ;
  4. Winterine
    I can't remember what the most up to date news is, but unless Hoshino got sick again, she's gotten better. I don't mind waiting a little while, but I hope they do continue the anime soon. I really want to see chibi Kanda and chibi Lavi especially at the mercy of an overly gleeful Allen...
  5. SecretlyCares
    I just finished watching DGM, I want more!!

    *turns to fanfics to sate my Lavi (and LaviYuu) needs*
  6. Winterine
    You forgot "your YuuSagi needs" But not to worry, I'll keep your dosage up

    They should make a Kanda and Lavi spinoff, and have recurring characters Allen and Tyki and Komui...
  7. SecretlyCares
    Winterine: YuuSagi needs? Nah, I dont have em The Kanda and Lavi spin-off is pure WIN!! And while we’re at it, I hope Chomesuke gets added in the mix from time to time, if only to make Yuu-chan jealous xDDD
  8. Winterine
    SC: Oh yes, can't have anyone taking anyone else for granted And for that mebbe we need the Tiedoll group every now and then too Hurry up and read that fic I mentioned (thrill of the hunt) and this comment will make more sense *nodnod* XD
  9. MisakiTsuki
    Oh, and here I thought this place was burried in dirt. It's so sad that our love Hoshino-sensei is sick...*cries*

    I really do hope she gets better....

    Ah...anyway, I have to get something off my chest...
    Ano...if anyone listens to BL Dramas...I was listening to Midara Kiss ni Midasarete (by Rikuyu Chikako, I think) and well...the main pair was (Morikawa Tomoyuki x Okiayu Ryotaro) the voices of Tyki and Reever...

    LMAO!! I think I died a little inside XD

    Off topic, sorry.
  10. LaviBunBun
    on the topic of voice actors i personally think it's hillarious that kanda's voice actor also does the voice of morgif from kyou kara maou. heheh. kanda going "oooooo aaaaaaah" creepily. ahahaha!! it tickles me! appropriate since morgif is a sword tho o.o;
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