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Black Order

  1. Rimona
    Aww, so sweet pictures!!!

    blue_genjutsu > Yeah, Kanda's being so neglected - - And btw. I love Bak too! I wish there was more fanart of him!
  2. SunlilyQ
    I know! Bak gets no love I'm on a mission though, and I will bring back the Bak goodness!

    I love that pic of me boys, Rimona! I love that entire artbook though.

    Kanda always gets put on the back burner.
  3. Rimona
    Thankyou ^^ And yes, let's get more love to Bak!!
  4. Cat-chan
    I so had to join <3
  5. blue_genjutsu
    I really love that Kanda X Lavi X Allen pic, Rimona! Also the one with Lavi kissing Kanda. Hot!
  6. Rimona
    Hehe, those two are my favourites as well ^ ^
  7. Xylara
    Hmm, gotta dig out my Kanda x Allen pics. And I agree, both the manga and the anime need more Kanda! I stopped watching the anime awhile back though. I keep meaning to go back and catch up.
  8. kurorinslvr
    yeah i found a d gray man club. My love is Kanda x Allen. I agree with Xylara too. Kanda has to show more in anime and manga.
    That picture of Lavi with his hair down is so hot. I like him more like that and with Tyki on the side, scratch that, on top of him.
  9. Cat-chan
    I agree with kurironslvr ~ Lavi with his hair down is SO smexy! I nearly died when they showed him like this in the anime.
    But recently I like Allen more and I just don't know WHY.
  10. Rimona
    *nods* When they first showed Lavi like that in anime, I had to do thousands of screenshots of that scene
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