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Black Order

  1. AzValen
    Hi! Newbie arrived! Love DGM it's my current obssession! Lavi/Allen is my favorite pairing! It was very sad that they decided to stop making the anime... why... ;-; Still I enjoyed it while it lasted.
  2. MiyakoTsuki
    Gahhh! >< I love D. Gray Man! It's my major obsession! DX My favorite couples would probably have to be Kanda x Allen, Tyki x Allen, Cross x Allen...Everybody x Allen <_< and Komui x Reever. I have to say, the current manga chapters are quite crack-ish. xD And I'm missing the anime already. D:
  3. Junoan
    D.GrayMan isn't finished yet! Look at this site: http://www.dgraymananime.com/

    My favorite pairing are Kanda x Allen, Lavi x Allen but my OTP is Tyki x Allen !

    MiyakoTsuki> When you're saying Everybody x Allen, you don't include the Millenium Earl, I hope...^^"

    Well... I don't mind that much as long as Allen is the uke...^^
  4. MiyakoTsuki
    Yesh! 8D And don't worry the Hakushaku isn't included. Just the main boys xD *swoons* Tyki x Allen is absolute love. >//< And Allen uke is love. >D
  5. Junoan
    Erm... Your pics are absolutely beautiful but how come there are two same pics ? ^^"
  6. MiyakoTsuki
    *Face palms* Sorry, I took it down. =,,=
  7. SecretlyCares

    Hi everyone, I’m new here :3 I’ve just started watching this series, and believe me it takes time. I am enjoying every minute of it though, those with Lavi in it especially.

    And I think I’ve given away already just who my favorite character from the series is... I’m a complete Lavi fangirl! <3
    @SecretlyCares: Welcome to aarin!!! and to black order too!!! hope you enjoy it here, dear^^
  9. Junoan
    Welcome, SecretlyCares ! ^^

    MiyakoTsuki> You don't have to apologize, everyone do errors ! ^^
  10. SecretlyCares
    Thank you! Glad to be a part of the group for the anime where Lavi is in!! XDDD

    *must catch up on the episodes*
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