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Black Order

    didn't come here in a while >.<
    Passing by just to see the new pics^^
  2. MisakiTsuki
    Ohh...this place is D-E-A-D...Some new pics to lift those spirits.
  3. boskakomedia
    Hi, I just wanted to say hello. I`m glad there`s a group like this because I`m a total Kanda-freak^^ Nice to meet you all.
  4. Hadas_g
    Yeah.. it is..
    Thanks for the pictures Misaki-chan! <3

    BTW, someone wants to explain me what is it all about only "103 episodes"!?!??!?!?!??!?!??
  5. MisakiTsuki
    Boskakomedia, . I wouldn't say I'm a Kanda freak...but I'm gonna marry him. I swear...and we can have a threesome with Allen, Lavi and whoever else...oh, guess it's not a threesome anymore, huh?


    Hadas_g: No Prob. I've posted some more...and I'll be posting more in the future when I'm not so lazy XD;

    And honestly, I think they're only taking a break from the series so that Hoshino sensei stops being a lazy ****** and gets ahead in the manga....cause...there's no way....
    only 103 episodes....
    hey guys, nice pics!!!
  7. boskakomedia
    Yeah, after I joined I spent like an hour just staring and drolling over the pics

    MisakiTsuki, just name the time and the place, and rest assured - I`ll be there!

    Maybe it`s better to have a break and wait for the next season than have some stupid fillers. Hm... But again, in the fillers we would have more Exorcists? Like an all-about-Kanda espisode?
    Anyway I really hope that an anime this popular won`t end soon.
  8. kurorinslvr
    i was checking the new type magazine's anime schedule and it show d gray man is up to 103 episode, which i think that's the final episode
  9. MisakiTsuki
    It can't be! Why would they do that?! I hope there just planning to take an extended break!

    They can't do this, I tell you! They can't!

    What will I dooooo?!?!?
  10. Hatshepsut
    Whoo, D.Gray-Man group! I lurves you all!

    And yeah, I've heard that 'stops at 103' rumor, too, and from the guys who work at the local anime shop. Me, I'm in full denial...

    Buuut as I have Mugen, someone's gunna get cut if it turns out it's true. >Mwahaha<
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