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Black Order

  1. akatsuki_fan
    hehe do you look at yaoi with your sister to?
    I do with my brother he told me he was gay 4 weeks ago....you can guess how happy I was ^^ and he loves yaoi like me^^ the first thing I said to him was .."you have to join Aarin" so now his a member here^^
  2. kurorinslvr
    i also am more fond of the manga than the anime, actually i gave up on the anime but i am watching again because i want to see a shirtless kanda ^-^

    Yullen is my love too, I like Seme Kanda more than uke, with some exception all depends on the story plot like Family Walker dj, Kanda is the uke but i don't mind. I love that dj
  3. MisakiTsuki
    @Kuro: Actually and surprising Family Walker is one of the only AreKan doujin's that I kind of liked...but yullen till the end! Tis my OTP~! A shirtless Kanda IS a huge incentive to watch the anime again~!

    @Akatsuki: Yeah^^ My sis and I are like twins but I've always wanted a brother too~! It's cool that you can watch yaoi and stuff with him. He has an account? Hm, I should say Hi. Haha.
  4. xcrownclownx
    Hello!!! I am new here... I love Allen I like Lavi, Kanda and Cross
  5. MisakiTsuki
    Ohhh~! Hello!
    I luv Allen,Lavi, Kanda and Cross too~!
    Hope to see ya around~! <3
  6. akatsuki_fan
    Misaki-chan ~ yes he has his name is Conversuslocus....you can find him in my friends in my profile^^

    and helllooo!!!! Crown-chan!!!! (can I call you that?) ooooh you have good taste I like those 4 to^^ and tyki ,komui...and off course reever^^
  7. xcrownclownx
    @akatsuki: yep, you can call me that... I like Komui and Reever too but not too much
  8. akatsuki_fan
    hello everyone how are you all? I'm still waiting for the new d. gray-man chapter *goes in circels* gaaah why cant they translate it sooner >_<
  9. MisakiTsuki
    me too...did you hear about what's suppose to happen?! I'm so sad
  10. akatsuki_fan
    no what are going to happen what!!! plz tell me!!
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