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Black Order

  1. Arigatomina
    I'm a Kanda-uke fan. I love how he inevitably ends up with his hair down, clothes half torn, blood all over him. Pretty, dark-haired, mercilessly dangerous ukes are my favorite kind. I like him with Allen the most, but I'll settle for LavixKanda if I have to. My perfect setup would be a threesome, with all the pushing and shoving and fighting that makes the interaction as fun as the smut. I'd even let Kanda top now and then, if he were in a threesome with the other two. Help him keep his sanity. ;p

    I also like Miranda, but I don't know who'd I pair with her and this is a yaoi forum, so I won't go into that. ^^;
  2. akatsuki_fan
    hai I also think general cross is überhot....hmmm wonder who we should pair him with....*thinks*
  3. kurorinslvr
    I like Cross and Komui, and even i found one of Cross and Tyki. kind of rare, also Tyki and Komui
  4. MisakiTsuki
    Cross and Tyki kind of tickles my fancy, Kuro...hee hee.
    Cross is berry hwat, I might pair him with Allen or maybe...nah, nevermind.

    Hmmm, although I'm a Kanda seme fan, I like Allen x Kanda sometimes. I never find any good stuff thought because if Kanda DOES end up uke, he's really OOC!
    I just can't see him being all...sparkly~!

    Any suggestions for GOOD AreKan...the kind that they AREN'T completely OOC?

    Right now, my faves are Yullen (Kanda x Allen) Lavi x Allen, Cross x Allen, and Komui x Reever (and vice-versa).

    Oh, Miranda is lovely~! And so is Timcampy~! <3
  5. akatsuki_fan
    cross and tyki are really hot together and so are allen and cross.

    about kanda being uke, i don't like it eather or well it depends on the fanfiction, cause I have read good stories with uke kanda^^ but I prefer uke allen and seme kanda^^
    there are plenty of good stories with both allenxkanda and kandaxallen at fanfiction.net^^

    miranda are so sweet^^ and I adore timcampy^^

    do any of you guys read the manga???
  6. Arigatomina
    @MisakiTsuki - Most of the AllenxKanda djs I've seen aren't sparkly so much as emo-Kanda and slightly scary Allen. Picture Allen when he has those flashbacks of his life with Cross and how scary-psychotic he gets. Then put him next to a moody Kanda and that's the kind of djs I tend to find. TsunderexTsundere is a good example - Link.
    And Slow Lesson, though it's more smut with just a dash of humor - Link.
    I've a few others that are more pron, and raw djs for other pairings if you're interested - Link. There's even some KandaxAllen, but I'm not scanlating those. ;p

    Any links or specific fic suggestions for AllenxKanda? I've only found one on ffnet and it was an odd one with more LavixKanda than AllenxKanda.
  7. MisakiTsuki
    Thanks Arigatomina (Hee hee...funny play on your name.) That was super helpful~! Too much emo Kanda-ness

    As for links for fanfics, I'll get back to you with one. I heard there's a good one floating around. For now, you might just wanna check the Allen and Kanda community on livejournal. http://community.livejournal.com/allenkanda/

    It's a fair share of AreKan and KanAre...

    akatsuki_fan, I do read the manga....almost cried my eyes out in the last chapter. Don't wanna give away a spoiler for those of you who don't read/haven't caught up.
    Oh, and I am a hardcore Yulllen fan too~! <3
    I'm actually a bit more attracted to the manga than the anime but I still love both~!
  8. akatsuki_fan
    ohyess you read the manga *happiness* i love the manga more than the anime but i have to watch the anime to^^ so my brother hates to watch the anime with me cause I am spoiling for him all the time
  9. Arigatomina
    Thanks for the lj link! I wouldn't have guessed there was an actual community for the pairing. ^^
  10. MisakiTsuki
    No Prob, anytime, Arigatomina.

    Speaking of whick, Akatsuki, I watch the anime with my sister so it's opposite for us.
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