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Black Order

  1. flops14
    hi there i just want to say hello^^
  2. MisakiTsuki
    Hello to you too~!
  3. Rimona
    I haven't been here for quite a while ^^ New pictures! Omg I love the trio ones *_____* They're just too adorable together like that... too much for a poor fangirl with a weak heart *nosebleed*
    Hello all
    I joined just now 'cause...I LOVE D.GRAY-MAN!!! like eneryone here, I think...
    Anyway, I hope I can have fun here ^^
  5. fanaticyaoifan
    ROFLMAO! *drools* Kai: Sorry fyf seems to be in a state of happiness right now and is unable to talk, so I'll do it for him. Hi, As you have probably have guessed I(fyf) DO LOVE D. GRAY-MAN XD. (but Allen more) ^,^ *recovers* Oh, Hi all! My sudden spell of joy has passed. *wipes brow* I'm very happy that there is a fan club (or social group) here at AarinFantasy. *leaps with joy* Kai: Heh heh heh, it seems that fyf has found a home.
  6. MisakiTsuki
    Everyone~! <3
  7. Rimona
    Welcome everyone ^^
  8. MisakiTsuki
    Oh God...I know it's strange but I've really come to like Komui x Reever and vice-versa.
    So, I posted some pics~! <3
  9. akatsuki_fan
    nice pics Misaki-chan^^ I like koumi and reever to^^ they are so hot together^^...I wonder if they "work" alot of overtime together....in komuis messy office *wanttobelievethat*
    see ya
  10. MisakiTsuki
    Yay~! Another fan...It's sad that the fandom ain't that big. They're so awesome AND you can reverse them! How awesome is that?!
    Anyway, I bet they do "work" a lot of overtime...another reason Reever's always tired. XD
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