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Black Order

  1. Himmelmez
    Hi Gina, hi Misaki Pleased to meet you too

    I must say, we really have some nice pictures here *clicks through them*
    hm.. as a pairing, I like Allen x Kanda/ Tyki most. I'm not a big Lavi fan, but if it's Kanda x Lavi it's also good for me. But no Lavi x Allen or Lavi x Bookman XD;
  2. MisakiTsuki
    Himmelmez... Lavi x Bookman?!?!??!? XD XD
    I love Lavi but I wouldn't go there~! HAHAHAHA~!
  3. burningfire
    hi hi
    i'm cosplaying as allen crown clown with massive sword hopefully early next year!
    i've already got the mask up and ready to go lol
    happy happy happy
  4. MisakiTsuki
    That's really cool, burning fire. Actually, next year, I plan to cosplay as Tyki. =3
    I'm already working on my costume.

    Oh, and a happy, happy birthday to our dear Komui Lee. Is it not fitting that his birthday is on Friday the 13th?
  5. simplyme
  6. MisakiTsuki
    Yo~! Simplyme, welcome~! =3
  7. Himmelmez
    Hi and welcome simplyme!

    Wow you guys are going to cosplay? That's great, make sure to make lots of photos and show them to us! ^_^ Are you planning to wear them at some conventions?

    And who's birthday is it? Some user's or the character Komui Lee's birthday? XD
  8. MisakiTsuki
    Nope, the real Komui Lee. His birthday was June 13th. ^^
  9. simplyme
  10. MisakiTsuki
    Lol, too bad the pole closed. I would've tho.
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