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Black Order

  1. sujasmine
    I have not finish watching the episode. The story is awesome. I love Allen. I think he looks so cute.
  2. Rimona
    Yay welcome the new members!!
    SunlilyQ > I'd love to see those, I'm also devoted to those three bishies XD
    blue_genjutsu > Thankyou ^^ I may add more soon.
  3. Hadas_g
    OMG!! a D.gray-man group!! I'm in love with this series <333
    I can't wait for the next episode..
    My favorite characters are Lavi and Tyki!!!
  4. blue_genjutsu
    Can't wait to see your mighty fine gems, SunlilyQ!

    Love the pics you posted, Hadas_g!

    I love Allen, Kanda, Lavi, Tyki and now Bak. I just wish the anime would hurry up and show more Kanda. He's been so neglected!
  5. Talasca
    *drools* Hottest Tyki pic ever... *steals it >_> *

    When the card thingy comes back, I need to buy him... ^^
  6. siLentaNe
    I love D.Gray-man too ^^. Lavi's my fave ♥
  7. Hadas_g
    @blue_genjutsu-I'm glad you them ^__^
    I'll get some more ^^ XD

    @Talasca-I also want to buy him.. but he is expensive.. XD

    @siLentaNe- Lavi is soo cute!! isn't he?.. *hugs him*
  8. Ptah
    who did you hug, Hadas, siLe or Lavi? xD
  9. Hadas_g
    XDDDD LOL!! ummm both..
  10. Ptah
    totally comprehensible ^^
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