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  1. MisakiTsuki
    WB to the "party"~!
  2. YaminoTenshi
    glad to be here
  3. kurorinslvr
    tomorrow is Yuu-chan's birthday, i should give him Allen all wrapped up just with a blue ribbon ^-^
  4. Rimona
    I drew a picture for Yuu-chan ^.^ Though it doesn't include neither Allen nor a blue ribbon XD
  5. kurorinslvr
    where is the picture? i want to see, may i?
  6. MisakiTsuki
    >///< Hee hee...I managed to convince my mom to buy two birthday cakes this month.

    One for Kanda and one for me...even tho my birthday isn't till the 23rd but whatever~! At least we're both turning 19~! XD

    Kanda got a nice Vanilla ice cream cake...ya kno, cause, i don't think they make soba flavored...XD
    Anyway, back on topic, I would love to see the pic that Rimona has drawn...I drew one too but alas....my scanner is being nOob-ish.
    Hello everyone! just entered the group ^_^ i LOVE d.gray-man, thought id leave everyone a little fan fic i wrote but its of kanda and lavi. its 18+ (very juicy)
    i wanted to ask if it was ok with you all if i posted it here
    i dont want any flame wars or anything =[
    lmao k well hope everyone has a good day ^_^
    HAPPY B-DAY YUU-CHAN <333333333333
  8. Himmelmez
    I just joined here too :3 Hello fellow D.gray-man fans! *waves a hi* <3
    lol ^_^ helooo
    Im Gina
    Nice to greet you! <3
  10. MisakiTsuki
    Hi Himmelmez and KAWAIIXSENPAI
    Sorry the group isn't super active right now. Hope to talk to you guys more~!

    Although I personally am not a fan of KandaxLavi, I'm sure you'll find that many of the members here would love to read your fic.
    Thanks for the pics too.

    See ya~!
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