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Black Order

  1. Hadas_g
    LOL! sorry Rimona.. I'm busy.. XD
    And I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!! Uverworld rocks!!!
    I can't for all of this to happen!... ~almost...>>>

    And TYKIII!!.......

    @-MisakiTsuki- LOL yeah.. he was hot there ^________^
  2. Rimona
    @ Hadas - Don't worry, me too... that's why I still didn't draw that Tyki for you, even though I have the idea in my mind for such a long time >_>

    lol thanks MisakiTsuki for adding that hot Kanda, I drooled over him so much when I saw the ending *.*
  3. Hadas_g
    @Rimona- XD that's OK..... but just remember that I am waiting..

    @MisakiTsuki- yeah!! thank you!!
    should I vector him?.. ^___^
  4. MisakiTsuki
    No problem Rimona, Hadas_g.
    I think maybe you SHOULD vector him *.*
  5. Hadas_g
    LOL! no problem ^___^
  6. Rimona
    yes, yes, vector him!! ^^
  7. MisakiTsuki
    >.< Yesh! I can't wait. Anyways...should we talk about something? ^^;;; this place is kinda dead...
  8. Rimona
    Nice new avatar, MisakiTsuki ^.^

    Uhm yeah... it is kinda dead... so... somebody should come up with some cool topic =D
  9. Hadas_g
    Yeah I love this moment! <3 *since the last episodes I am starting to love Allen!!*

    XDDDD ummmm ummm I can talk about Tyki all day long!!
    Thank you for the drawing!~ again *XD
  10. Rimona
    You're welcome ^.^ Drawing Tyki is real fun, I have to repeat it someday. Though I have so many ideas with the mighty bishie trio ^^'
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