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Black Order

  1. Rimona
    Yes, you have to watch the anime! There are some fillers, but most of them are all right. And the animations is well done (and Kanda is sexy in there too XDD)

    The siggy looks awesome *.*
  2. Hadas_g
    Episode 74 was awesome!!!!!!!!!! I have watched it 6 times!!!!
    I can't wait to the RAW today.....

    AND BIG NEWS!!!!!!!
    UVERworld is doing the fourth op!! (strating from episode 78).
    It's my favorite Jap band!!!!!
    I can't believe that my secret wish (UVERworld doing op for D.gray-man) was fulfiled!!!!!!!
  3. Kuroneko-sama
    Ah sankyuu Rimona. Hmm.. well then I guess I should also get crackin and start downloading the anime too... Kanda-ness~~~
  4. MisakiTsuki
    Ah~! Kanda is Love.
  5. Rimona
    @ Hadas - Hontou??? Uaah I can't wait to see the new OP, I love UVERworld so much *.* Although the current opening is so great I don't want to end it
  6. Rimona
    Ah and btw. do you know which song??
  7. kurorinslvr
    the picture I am just about to post, it is my favorite one from the manga.
  8. Rimona
    @ kurorin - yep, mine too! I stared at the page like for ten minutes

    Waah I can't wait for the new opening, it's a song called Gekidou by UVERworld and it's still not released I wanna hear it...
  9. Rimona
    Yay new opening's out!! ^^ How did you like it?

    Uhm and why are most of the comments here mine? ^^' lol
  10. MisakiTsuki
    I thought it was really cool and all...I still liked the composition on Doubt and Trust better.
    But Uverworld has always been a favorite band of mine.
    4 out of 5

    btw, the new ending was a big win for me because of much Kanda fanservice
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