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Black Order

  1. sommar
    what... *confused* (throwing myself into the conversation) omake?? Kanda appeared in omakes??? gahhh!!! are they after the preview of next ep or what/where??? (cause I never watch that, don't want to spoil it...)
  2. kurorinslvr
    yeah they are after the previews of the next episode starting from episode 62 0r 63 0r 64, i don't remember.

    I saw the episode 73 and i love Kanda's entranced, it was so good. ^-^ (i'm kanda fan)

    i don't know if anone follows the manga but latest chapter, it has me in a heart attack,
  3. sommar
    oh f***!
    thanks for the info! *runs to watch the ends of a whole lot of episodes*
    and no, haven't followed the manga... as of yet I have only recently started reading it so I'm not quite uptodate... yet! A heartattack??? god! I gotta catch me up on that dgm manga... *runs to read* so much to do so little time... gahhh!!! XD
  4. Rimona
    lol I found out there are omakes just recently as well and had to watch them again

    *little spoiler*

    I love Kanda and Lavi fighting side by side, they look so hot *drool*
  5. sommar
    ooooooo!!! yesh! I totally agree with that... mmmm... Kanda and Lavi... my two favourite DGM boys... *drools* I've missed Kanda, sooo glad he's back
  6. MisakiTsuki
    >.< Hello all~! BIG DMG fan here even though I recently got into it.
    Kanda x Allen <3

    (Oh, did I mention I love Timcanpy? )
  7. kurorinslvr
    yay for Kanda x Allen, Tyki X Lavi and all the pairs ^-^

    i just finished watching episode 74, i like that episode i like seeing Tyki and Kanda fighting , and Allen appears, i can't wait for the next episode.
    The omake was so funny
  8. Rimona
    Welcome to the group, MisakiTsuki ^.^
  9. MisakiTsuki
    Thank you, Rimona ^.^ <3
  10. Kuroneko-sama
    *happily skips in*

    Ah thanks to my dear Sun-senpai I was able to see the wonderful-ness that is D-gray man. And Kanda totally sexy!... He inspired (as well as Sun also) to make the siggy I have right now.

    Is the anime good?. I'm a bit hesitant to start it... with all the others I have going on now. But I am addicted to the manga...so good
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