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Black Order

  1. Hadas_g
    Was told by someone *cough* *cough* that I didn't comment here for a long time XD so here I am

    I can't wait for the next episode as well!!! Allen was sooo cool!. I loved the episode
    I was so afraid the Fou will die.. I am glad she didn't!!!

    BTW, Rimona I loved your fan art! Bak-chan looks great!.
  2. Cat-chan
    Yes - next episode!! WHOOOOOO!!
    I think I'll die then ;_; *_* <3333
    *ish going crazy*
  3. Rimona
    Thanks, Hadas Ah somebody really told you that?? *cough cough* XD
  4. Hadas_g
    You're welcome! *draw Tyki!!! *

    OMG!!! episode 70 was amazing!!! I have watched it three times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Allen was sooooooooo cool!!! I am starting to really love him...
  5. Cat-chan
    omgdonttalkabout70!! *dies*
    *waits VERY impatiently for the sub*
    I WON'T watch the RAW this time... no no no...
  6. Rimona
    I wanna see it!!! I spent whole day checking if it's already up >_<

    @Hadas - You're already the second person to tell me to draw him But I will... someday... *cough*
  7. Rimona
    I had to watch ep 70 twice... it was so beautiful! Allen looked so sexy! And the scene with Bak & Fou *sniff* And the music! *dies*
  8. Hadas_g
    @Cat-chan- so now can I talk about episode 70?.. XD
    *I hope you didn't die.. *

    @Rimona- Wasn't it?!?!?! I have watched it five times!!.
    It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G-!-!-! I loved every single thing about this episode!! OMG!!!!!.
    And I won't be here when episode 71 is out.. I will be on a trip from school.. *is sad*

    -So that's mean that you need to draw him...
  9. Cat-chan
    I didn't die, I MELTED!!!!
    I melted when Allen looked over his shoulder... †
  10. Hadas_g
    LOL!!! when he did it I thought "Cat-chan is going to love this part" XDD and I was right..
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