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Black Order

  1. kurorinslvr
    i hold you sunli-chan. i will help you to look for some fanart. It is really hard to find one. I think i will check it out at lj
  2. Rimona
    Haven't been here in a while! Cool new pictures, I actually have the Allen one as a wallpaper ^.^

    Yeah, I can't believe chapter 145 either
  3. kurorinslvr
    I am curious who's soul the akuma level 4 has?, i am so glad the bak and reever are not death...yet.
  4. SunlilyQ
    Indeed. I can't think of anyone who would shock Allen to the point of puking his guts out. These next few chapters are going to be some good ones.
  5. kurorinslvr
    yep, they will be good.
  6. Rimona
    There should be more Bak fanart... so I decided to make one Not perfect, but I hope you'll like it anyways ^^
  7. kurorinslvr
    it looks good Rimona, i like it
  8. Cat-chan
    yay Bak Fanart *.*
    This guy needs more love, srzly! <3
  9. Rimona
    Thankyou *.*
  10. Rimona
    Can't wait for the next episode ^^ I really wanna see Allen's Crown Clown! And there's also the scene with Bak & Fou
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