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  1. Kanda Luna
    Kanda Luna
    Welcome to group!This is a thread for the new members say hello!Talk about yourself and your opinions about Nezushi and No.6!
  2. Kanda Luna
    Kanda Luna
    By the way,I´m trying to put new pictures here,but the system isn´t accepting.Please be patient.
  3. Avery
    God I love No. 6! Nezumi is soo hooot~
    I don't know if I'm weird but I like 'em reversed...ShionxNezumi...I just thought Nezumi was so pretty
  4. Australienfan

    I´m so in love with this story and with Nezumi x Shion (just can´t picture Nezumi as an Uke).
    Ahhhh...Nezumi is an amazing character!
  5. Avery
    I so get it~ but somehow I can easily see them as reversible~
    Shion is cute and Nezumi is pretty~
  6. SecretlyCares

    I'm SecretlyCares, you can call me SC for short. Yes, I love NezuShi too. ^^ Haven't read the novels/ manga but am closely watching the anime. ^__^
  7. Kanda Luna
    Kanda Luna
    Shion x Nezumi is interesting too...More if Nezumi is in his Eve disguise,teehee...
  8. Saiyuki729
    Hey there Saiyuki here but I prefer to go by Sai-chan or just Sai. Well I have been seeing the anime for No.6 and I have been reading the novel and have read some chapters of the manga. The novel is quite interesting to say the least. So I totally love Nezumi and how he tries so hard to always protect Shion. And I just love how Shion is, even if he is clueless most of the time .
  9. lazyn3ko
    Hello nice to meet you everyone

    for me i love Shion x Nezumi
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