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  1. Zack
    Hey guys I'm Zack! I've been here on Aarin for a while and couldn't find a group dedicated to Zack so I decided it's time he needs some lovin'.
    Introduce yourself and tell everyone why you are a fan of Zack Fair!
  2. lokoer
    I was looking for FF groups now and saw you made this today. Telepathy. Anyway, joined instantly ofc.
  3. MyuKuran
    Lol, I was just going through, saw this group, and immediately joined. <3
    Zack Fair is just so awesome that I can't explain why I love him.
  4. lokoer
    Awesome, now we we are 3 haha!
  5. wobert
    11 members!
    hi to everyone who loves zack! (:
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