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  1. crisislover
    Hello! I just wanted to post this little info thing for new or current Noblesse fans! If you have other answers, please let me know, the more options we have the better!


    As of right now, there are currently 286 chapters for Noblesse, 5 seasons and 12 volumes printed so far. As of May 27, 2013 Son Jae Ho & Lee Gwang Su are on a 6 week break and will be back with more Noblesse July 1, 2013. The volumes are broken down into the following:

    Season 1: Chapters 1-92
    Season 2: Chapters 93-154
    Season 3: Chapters 155-200
    Season 4: Chapters 201-238
    *Season 5: Chapters 239-286

    *Season 5 (Volumes 13~15) have not been released yet, there is currently no news about it's release date.


    Each Season consists of 3 volumes. How do you purchase copies of the volumes if you haven't already? You can try the following:

    Aladin.co.kr - Per book it's about 9,600원 ($9) plus the shipping (about $5), that's about $15 for one book. For all three (one entire Season) in a package it's 32,400원 ($30) plus the shipping, it's in the $34~35 range. I'm making calculations here, because when I bought mine, I paid $22.77 (I pre-ordered the book, it costs about $17 for one book but it came with extras for the first printing only, so those who pre-ordered got the illustration book and the large sticker). It ships to the US, Canada and Korea only. It takes about 1-2 weeks to receive your copy.

    Gmarket - I haven't found the cost for a single book on there, but for the 3-volumed season it's the same as Aladin, 32,400 + shipping. They ship world wide! Plus there site is partially in English, just in case you don't understand Korean. Shipping goes by kg, depending in what region you happen to be go here for where they ship and the fees. The 3-volume Season is 1900kg (1.9g), and a single book is 536g (0.536kg).

    Kyobobook.co.kr - The books are priced the same as Aladin and Gmarket, I've never bought from here nor do I know about the shipping.

    **I posted here on an LJ community pictures of what the book looks like etc.

    **NOTE: Whenever you do pre-order the books, you get additional extras like the illustration book/sticker I mentioned. There has also been an earring like the one Rai wears given away as an extra, bookmarks, posters and a scarf. These extras are only available for pre-orders or limited editions. Single books for pre-order are about 12,000원.
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