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M21 x Shinwoo

  1. mimithenumberon
    I've been pondering something for a while and now, thanks to annyS' kindness, i have the opportunity to ask for opinions and hopefully help. My dilema is simple enough but give it enough time and it can give you a head-ache. it did me.......

    I want to make a M-21 x Shinwoo fic, but i'm not sure of the setting which would best suit them. I hve a few ideas............but none sound natural to the development of the plot. if you have any suggestions of how those two can be put together please let me know! Thank you!
  2. annyS
    I do like your idea! M-21 x Shinwoo is unusual pair and I'm sure it would be really hot fic about them
    Shinwoo's a friendly, energetic and attractive guy so M-21 can not resist his charm, he can't take his eyes of Shinwoo (...omg, what I've written?) It's just my suggestion...
    Couldn't you tell me your ideas, maybe they are more interesting than mine
  3. mimithenumberon
    wow, i can totally see that happening (drool) I LOVE THEM!!! (i could shout it of the top of a building........)
    truth be told i have been thinking about this pair but only at the back of my mind, since i'm working on another 4 promised fics (i wish i could have clones to do the work for me.........) but this is what i came up with:

    the very first time when the two met they were enemies, but it can't be denied that M-21 had a certain admiration for Shinwoo. That can be the first encounter, and since his memory got erased that can give M-21 a chance to fall in love, since he does remember the first time they met. I can sort of develop that into something.......

    Another idea was based on M-21's lonliness and Shinwoo friendliness. Shinwoo sees how M-21 is always alone at the balcony and he always has that far-away sad glance. This could be an attraction factor and Shinwoo would find himself stedily falling into his trap.........this one is a bit weak. i was also considering paring Tao and Takeo so M-21 can seek council and advice through them (plus i think they are so cute together!)

    my third one is a fusion of the above two. i'm also working on others but yeah.......that's what i have so far. of course there are other small encounters between them which will result in them getting closer together, but the thing that really does my head in is trying to fit them together while still respecting the flow of the manga and their personalities..........

    any thoughts please share!
  4. annyS
    i was not here for a long, sorry!
    I've already fallen in love with this pair!i was looking for some fics about them but haven't found any ....(((
    my new thought: you can combine your first two ideas in one; for example 1st part is about Shinwoo's feelings and 2nd - about M-21
    they can start relationship with the frienship... let Shinwoo and M-21 play RPG together!
    by the way, i would like to read your other fics, may i?
  5. mimithenumberon
    this is exactly why i seek advice........i think i might go with your idea of combining my other two. I probably won't finish it for a while though. you won't belive how busy things can get around here. (sigh) oh, and please do read my fics. I hope they won't be a complete waste of time. ^3^ Just type my name in the search bar in 'fiction' and you'll get a list of all my works.
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