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who is your favourite character? why?

  1. annyS
    M-21 is my LOVE *_*
    sometimes he is so sad , so i want to hug him very tightly and not let go

    scar on his lip is very sexy!
  2. zombiegonomnom
    Dante! (devil may cry)
    He so sexy and he knows it! XD HE care free and bad ass!
  3. flyingbananapoo
    I have a couple of favorite characters -.-'' I liked Shinwoo at the beginning when he was more involved because he's the funny, bold type who's not afraid of anything. My second favorite character would probably be Tao because of his awesome haircut and his computer hacking skills! He doesn't really do much fighting in Noblesse but he's still cool! Lol, the picture just to make sure everyone understands the epicness of Tao's hair....o__o''
  4. mimithenumberon
    M-21! no questions about it! i knew since the moment i saw him that he was good! He had to be! if such a hottie died i would cry my eyes out for the injustice of it...............though it was very sad when his partner died..........Second would be Shinwoo. He's so cute, though i wish he was stronger! His eyes are so cool..... i wish there was a fic about M-21 and Shinwoo...........(nosebleed!)
  5. flyingbananapoo
    M-21 seems to be really popular when it comes to Noblesse o__o
  6. ntximhlub
    I love Rai! He makes me laugh! I love it when Rai texted Frankentstein for ramen. So adorable!
  7. ShadowImp
    I love Rai! And his insatiable love for Ramen!
  8. jhenrai
    CADIS ESTRAMA D RAIZEL!!! <3 <3 <3
    and if you talk about pairings then, frankensteinXm-21
  9. DestatiDream
    TAO!!!!! I love all the others very very much too, but.....TAO! He's so fun and adorable (and his hair-style is epic win)!!! And in some panels his eyes seem to have slight bags (or darkness?) under them which remind me of L... xD
    Plus he's a computer genuis and usually wears a shirt that reveals one of his shoulders
  10. blackanime101
    Raizel is the funniest character I've ever read!!!!!XD Plus add him and Frankenstein= best comedy duo ever!XD
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