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  1. Dee_
    If you've got a story you're working on or a profile that links to your stories, please post them here! (Note: Only links and details about the stories. Do not post entire fics! They can be fan fiction and original fiction or poetry.)
  2. WiccanEros9
    so how would i put my poem here? do i just write it here or do i have to do something else? since you mentioned a link and detail i got confussed
  3. Artemis Moonsong
    Artemis Moonsong
    Wiccan, post it in the Fictions section here on AF and then give us a link

    My Fics (just a few):
    My Love for a Kingdom: This is the story of a young nobleman and his unexpected engagement to a man he perceives as being far beneath him in class! Emerson Ratliff lives in a world where the power of the nobility is steadily shrinking and giving way to the rising merchant class. Still a student himself at the prestigious Brickham Academy, Emerson probably has a lot to learn from his slightly older and more worldly future husband. But can he set aside his prejudices against the merchant class he's marrying into long enough to actually learn anything?i

    The Prince and the Rebel: [Bleach, Renji x Byakuya, AU] It's tough being the only living heir to the Kuchiki throne. It's even tougher being a rebel sent to kidnap one.

    This Ever Fixed Fate: [Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan, Okita x Saitou] *Title partially inspired by Shakespeare's Sonnet 116: "Love ... is an ever-fixed mark..." Takes place at the end of season 1. No spoilers for season 2.

    Hot For Teacher: [Bleach, Renji x Byakuya, AU] Grad student Byakuya thought his life was meaningless - until he met a certain redheaded student.

    My Friend's Fic:
    40 Days and 40 Nights: Bad Dharma ... she doesn't have a summary It's the story of a young film student and his experiences dating.

    Best Fic I've Read on AF so far:
    Tedium: Sigh. Again with the lack of summary! The story of a high school student dealing with depression and coming out. A cliche plotline, one might thing, but lovingly written featuring a main character with a solid, brilliant voice.
  4. Dee_
    Yeah, what I meant was something like:

    Form (prose, poetry, novel, etc):
    Rating (if it applies):

    Or really how ever you want to format it. Artemis Moonsong has everything you need to know down, so you can follow that format or something else if you wish.
  5. Dataxia
    I know it may seem a bit repetitive, but... Here is my fan fiction:

    Title: List of Nasty Things to Do
    Form: Fan Fiction ---> Naruto Fan Fiction
    Summary: Mikoto Uchiha is sick and tired of having to deal with her youngest son and his awful behavior. She send him to live with his father and older brother, not knowing the all the chaos that will ensue.
    Pairing: Sasuke/Naruto
    Rating: PG-13 (for potty mouths and nasty pranks)

    Title: Duplicity
    Form: Fan Fiction --- > Naruto Fan Fiction
    Summary: "He that has eyes to see and ears to hear may convince himself that no mortal can keep a secret. If his lips are silent, he chatters with his fingertips; betrayal oozes out of him at every pore." - Sigmund Freud
    Pairing: Sasuke/FEMNaruto
    Rating: PG-13 (For potty mouths)

    Title: 298
    Form: Fan Fiction: ---> Katekyou Hitman REBORN Fan Fiction
    Summary: "Once again he failed his family."
    Pairing: ? Open to discussion
    Rating: G

    I have more... but the rest is pretty old fan fiction. My Fanfiction account name is Stalker-san.
  6. WiccanEros9
    if i did everything right then i think the link should be here

    hope you like my poems
  7. Vixcenn
    Tainted White
    An original fiction. BL / SLASH / Shounen Ai
    "Novice warrior Raven is challenged to befriend the 'Ice Queen' of Magic
    School, who obviously have eyes on him... or so he thinks. But then again, this 'Ice Queen' is actually a guy so... what's going on?"

    These Falling Apples
    Original BL/SLASH but I sort of abandoned this one thanks to writer's block ;_;
    "There is a boy who hails from a broken home... Then comes a popular athlete who conceals his sexuality... Along with an honour student
    chained by his father's rules... And rich boy who suffers gender confusion."

    ONE SHOT + Shounen Ai
    I love him, but he loves God. He keeps me by his side for the love of his God."

    Sunlight and Garlic

    not slash but supernatural themed... may contain gore and stuff
    "Sorcerer Mihangel had always disliked vampires. But fate played a cruel trick on him; a half-vampire child fell into his hands and he was forced to raise it himself. Seriously, he didn't see it coming."
  8. Dee_
    I guess I'll shamelessly promote my stuff, too! This is the only one I have completed so far (that's up, anyway). I tried re-uploading a fic I had on here a while ago, but the bug where editing text does not save text has prevented me from doing so.

    Save Me
    Chapter(s): 25
    Status: Complete

    Genre: Drama, Friendship, Romance

    Rating: 18+

    Summary: Adam has known Miles for over 10 years; the two have been close friends ever since. But when Adam gets the chance of a lifetime and heads overseas, the two unknowingly drift apart. One year later and Adam is finally coming home, though much to his dismay--Miles is getting married. Will Adam be able to keep his feelings to himself or will it all come crashing down?
  9. Sound
    Original fic
    Title: Eye Contact.
    Rating: 18+
    Summary: Sui is Japanese, introverted and extremely shy and some how he ended up having to study in England for an whole year! And to make matters worse. What could this ridiculously huge guy from his business management class possibly want from him?!
    Link: HERE

    Original fic.
    Title: Behind the Veil
    Rating: 18+
    Summary: When a prince is going to marry he will have 101 days to find the person he loves. If he doesn't the family will pick someone for him. All fine, but what is going to happen when the royal family demands their son to find and make an assassin his own?
    Link: HERE

    Original fic.
    Title: Midnight.
    Rating: 18+ (I stopped working on it...)
    Summary: Kyo is lost in his world. It's not going well with his band and he can't seem to sing. But that all changes when this person with long blue hair crosses his path.
    Link: HERE

    Original One Shot
    Titel: He's my drug
    Rating: 16+
    Summary: Eddy is addicted, addicted to a guy. When will be enough?
    Link: HERE

    Original short One Shot
    Title: The Empty Words of I Love You
    Rating: 16+
    Summary: Elon has lost all faith in romance. But should he give in for one last time?
    Link: HERE
  10. SailorShipper
    a couple few of mine, though none of them are all that great.

    Title: Those who step across time.
    Form short story
    Summary: Though they only meet a handfull of times Italy and Ender form a bound as they talk during turning points in their lives.
    Rating (if it applies): pg-13 at the most
    Link: http://aarinfantasy.com/forum/fictio...yuserid=336484

    Title: Day off
    Form : short story
    Summary: Rare fluffy story about the relationship of Maraich and Bancoran.
    Rating: Light R
    Link: http://aarinfantasy.com/forum/fictio...yuserid=336484

    Titlecouldn't think up a good name)
    Form : short story
    After walking in on Bancoran with another man, Maraich has gone out into the night to clear his head. Little does he know there had been an escaped experiment from a lab, now there is something stalking him in the night.

    Rating : R for mostly gore
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