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Will No.6 novels ever get an official English translation?

  1. Besoboi
    What can we do to try to advocate that the No.6 light novels eventually get an official English print release? I've been bothered for years that only the anime and the manga have been brought over to the English market. In fact, it seems like many people who have entered the fandom in recent years often aren't aware of the novels at all.

    Some newer publishing companies bringing BL media including novels into the English market might be interested in pursuing the license if they know that there's people who want to buy the product. I remember Seven Seas danmei has done some polls of their consumers to hear what C-novels or Japanese light novels they would like to see released in English. Maybe we can advocate our love of the series to them.

    What do you all think? Do you have any ideas?
  2. rotatingmad
    Actually, true fans like to collect original works. Real English versions make understanding the content easier. Manufacturers today often release two platforms in parallel. However, most anime basketbros series are often published in the original language.
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