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hoooray for no. 6!!

  1. kittydarko
    i'm so glad someone made a group for this. i was surprised how much i enjoyed this anime. a very effortless connection of two souls, that wasn't over-yaoi-fied, and still had a great story. i love it when two characters come from completely different backgrounds, find each other, and there is an instant spark. it was like they "awakened" each other. really romantic in a way, without being mushy! shion x nezumi are so great for eachother. *^_^*
  2. Saraf
    I loved the anime, specially the songs(music), they were awesome.I downloaded the ost but wish Nezumi & Sion were more intimate.
  3. kittydarko
    ehehe. ok, i'll admit, i wish they had been more "intimate" too (just for my own pervy self), but i do feel what we were given was story-appropriate. sure didn't mind that straight-outta-the-shower-shirtless-gratuitousness with nezumi either hohoho.
  4. blackanime101
    I am inlove wit this anime! Watched it so many times, but yes i agree about Shion and Nezumi should be more intimate with each other!XD
  5. AnimeAddick98
    The anime really is awesome! It's so cute how they are so connected to each other.. The plot was also very interesting.. I actually plan to read the manga hoping it has more intimacy than the anime...
  6. CrimsonCeiling
    This anime was amazing! I watched it with my sister, she kept going on about how much she would like to read a couple doujinshis featuring Sion and Nezumi! I totally agree! Does anyone know where i can find one?
  7. kittydarko
    there are some right here in aarin's dj section!
  8. namikawa
    I'm in love with this anime&manga! It was so awesome!!! Nezumi... and Shion... I'm sooo touched... No.6 forever!!! *.*
  9. Eisha15
    I love No.6 the music, the kissing, characters, story, art, kissing oh i already said that but its really great i also wanted them to be more intimate but why did nezumi leave why
  10. Umezo
    I didn't thought that there's a No.6 group here~

    Sion-Nezumi. Episode 7 and 11...
    Seriously, I didn't see that coming..

    The ending went great, but.... noooo..! Nezumi, come baaaacckkkk~!
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