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What pairings do you love?

  1. PervertPrince
    Very simple question really...what are your favourite pairings? For me I like Gaara and Rock Lee. Oh and any pairing that has Naruto in it =^.^=
  2. R10Z4
    Naruto and Satsuke are my all time favourites.Mainly because i've always had a crush on Satsuke and naruto is just an adorable uke.
  3. BadReputation
    Anything with Kakashi, really. I'm so in love with that guy! ^^
  4. MissInsania
    My all-time Favo are Naruto and Sasuke <3

    Here are some others:
    Itachi x Naruto
    Itachi x Sasuke
    Itachi x Deidara
    Gaara x Lee
    Hidan x Tobi
    Neji x Sasuke
    Kakashi x Itachi
    Pain x Itachi

    and many more
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