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If T&B would get a Hollywood movie?

  1. Vixcenn
    Found this link...

    If anime "Tiger & Bunny" would get a Hollywood movie


  2. Habanero Tan
    Habanero Tan
    Hm... well, I don't think so >_<
    If it looks like that crap liveaction animes, I prefer see those cuties only in the anime ;D
  3. CryChicken
    A rather funny cast.
    I don't enjoy live action movies much anyway, I'm good with it staying an anime.
  4. Semy
    No one could do Kotetsu's voice properly. Live action just isn't as good as the art, and our own imagination.
  5. okasamyn
    i want that certain cosplayer to do ivan... here.... http://arishigeaiko.files.wordpress....elin-reika.jpg
    and they should think about voices too... and lastly, they should be ready with their budget... i do not want such a good anime go to waste with the live action counterpart.
  6. YumeNoTsuzuki
    *shudders* Live Action almost never works for me.. with rare exceptions of anime which has very realistic characters. In the case of T&B.. I can't imagine it being good.. D;
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